Thursday, August 25, 2011

250811 a.k.a The Frustrated Day of Tabby!

Finally, I'd finished my 6 days long Percubaan PMR 2011!!!
Congrats me! Thx...

But today I was so~~~~~~~~~~~~ frustrated!
The anger in my heart burned more and more vigorously because of the stupid teachers and students!
Hello! I m a girl!
Nt very strong! I cant move a half wooden table wherever you like! Fool!
Another thing was, two students were cheating during KHB examination!
The problem is that teacher may knew that they were cheating but help them!
What that made me even frustrated was that teacher accused some of my friends and I that we were cheating during exam!
Hello?! Are u blind or what!
Oh right, you were just protecting your own races..

My friends and I went to complain this to the teacher, check out what she said.." Tunggulah. Tak apa."
Acted like nothing happened!!!
Really Frustrated! Ish