Sunday, February 5, 2012

分手后的两个人, 很难再像以往那样亲密了。

拿了成绩, 你问了min我的成绩。
理由是, 你换了电话, 通讯记录不见了才不亲自问我。

前几天在FB上, 你online..
我不知道发了什么疯, 还是受了什么东西的控制,
我按了你的名,问: Dont dare to ask my result urself?
1秒, 2秒, 3秒..
你回了: No lah.. juz lost ur contact
              Changed phone

下一秒, 我后悔了。
(你是白痴吗?! 干嘛无缘无故找他!! 你还爱着他吗??!!)
(不! 我不爱了.. 我只想.. 比他更勇敢!)

我迟迟不回.. 心想你应该不会在找我的..
但也聊了1, 2句..
我故意回了一个你不会再回复的表情.. " XD"

我只想说, " 我并没有讨厌你, 只是不懂该用什么心情面对你"
"因为你, 我变聪明了。"
"男生要搭讪, 我用更有心机的方法VS他.. "
"没了你, 我不会像你说的没了你会想世界末日"


听人说, 恋爱最美好的时间就是暧昧期。
因为暧昧期, 充满着不需要害怕压力的幸福。
当暧昧时间久了, 这份想拒绝的压力会悄悄过来,
这时候, 你已经爱上那个人了。

看到他时, 会不知不觉的整理头发, 顾虑形象。
与他讯息, 会不知不觉的斯文起来, 当个淑女。
与他聊天, 会不经历的害羞了起来, 话前三思。
害怕在他的面前, 不比她她她漂亮。
害怕与他讯息时, 太过大女人主意。
害怕与他聊天时, 会突然没了话题。

对不起, 那不是我自己...



By.. Tabby

Friday, February 3, 2012

Long time no blog!

First.. I bought a new phone.. S Galaxy 2!
Thanks Daddy for this gift!
My mission now is get a new stylish and fancy S2 cover!

CNY.. past with Harmony..
Everyone was playing with electronic gadgets.. Ipad, Iphone, S2...
Those who dont have these gadgets were forlorn... Pity!

Nothing special happen, just these days, a guy suddenly said he wanna tackle on me..
And I dont actually know what he meant.. joking or serious talk.. I dont get it, cuz he didnt really tell me bout his feelings... Weird..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 101 post!

PMR PMR.. After a day Isonmia... I finally receive the best christmas present that God present me.
Straight A's!

At 10am, I used the SMS method that the government offer to the candidates.
The result I received was 8 A's ( straight )
I was shocked and soooooo~~ excited at first.
But I wasnt 100% confirm that I got that result.
Until I arrived the school and the teacher announced my result, HAPPINESS filled me!!!
Mindy, Buii and Ling got 8 A's too.
The yearly performances was better than last years's candidates.
Haha.. sometimes, naughty students can also be genius!

Called Daddy and Mummy, Dad had the biggest reaction.
Guess he's in a good mood for work today.
Mummy, you promised me without mua asking you...
Gabriel, I LC-ed him.. Haha..
Cuz he always tease that he's result is better than me though he do nt study much!
Pay back!

To those who didnt achieve their goals, dont be disappointed.
Try your best in SPM..!
Be opticmism..
Cheer up!