Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 101 post!

PMR PMR.. After a day Isonmia... I finally receive the best christmas present that God present me.
Straight A's!

At 10am, I used the SMS method that the government offer to the candidates.
The result I received was 8 A's ( straight )
I was shocked and soooooo~~ excited at first.
But I wasnt 100% confirm that I got that result.
Until I arrived the school and the teacher announced my result, HAPPINESS filled me!!!
Mindy, Buii and Ling got 8 A's too.
The yearly performances was better than last years's candidates.
Haha.. sometimes, naughty students can also be genius!

Called Daddy and Mummy, Dad had the biggest reaction.
Guess he's in a good mood for work today.
Mummy, you promised me without mua asking you...
Gabriel, I LC-ed him.. Haha..
Cuz he always tease that he's result is better than me though he do nt study much!
Pay back!

To those who didnt achieve their goals, dont be disappointed.
Try your best in SPM..!
Be opticmism..
Cheer up!


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