Friday, June 24, 2011


Today, every parents must attend to school in order to take their child's result card.. So is my mum..
Today, is the day I fear most.. But nothing odd happened!!
Maybe I'm lucky.. or maybe she hasn't realize..
Oh dear pls dont!

Nothing special happened today ( till now )..
Waiting for the someone to made me not to be bored!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Headache today.. so I was absent in school^^
Slept until the time I was supposed to be having breakfsast in school.. 10.55am
I supposed to go to school and rehearse the oral test with Mindy..
Sorry Min, but I'm sick~
You must had missed me so much since I was absent..just kiddingXD

Spraying mosquitoes!!!
Till my house is full of smoke~
I closed the doors and windows.. It still came in~
which made me barely able to breath well~

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Please let my blog's follower be more over 100++..
I really admire those who were popular on internet.
The follower on their blog is more than 200 or even 1000!
How do you do that??

To those who view my blog.. Pls do me a favour!
Hehe.. not to be greedy but wanted to share my status..

Lumix GF2!
When can I get u??
If i save money from now onwards, I wont get it within year 2011!
OMG.. wanted to ask Dad for this but surely my mum will stop Dad from buying me GF2!
Recently.. I'd been bankrupt cause I spent too much money!
All my dream items which I wished to buy may be dust..

Friday, June 17, 2011


Take many picto today..

Recently, I got my eyes on the Panasonic Lumix DMC- GF2 Camera!
Isn't it a Beauty??!
Well, check out the colour.. Attractive!
Plus, it has so~many function and the most important is: It can capture in HD form!
OK OK! Tabby, save money yah!!
From now onwards, I gotta save money to buy this in order to fulfill my dream!
Erm.. for the market price it is 600 in US Dollar which means about 1830 in Ringgit Malaysia!
OMG~ Dad.. can u buy me this camera?? Pls..

Other than that, I am going to save money 1st for my skin care products..
Choose to use Hada Labo.. never use before..
but, saw many peeps used and said it's effective..
Many magazines promoted it..
This product is sold in the average of every 4 second for 1 in Japan!
Wanna try the awesomeness!

Wanna buy the whole set! 
Hada Labo~ Wait for me!

I love them dearly~
The clothes they designed are fashionable and young for my age! Haha XD
Plus, they are normal price branded items.. Haha.. I can save more money for others!
This.. red! Attractive colour~ i wont look so tall after wearing this.
Mum said that I am not that tall and that convinced me.. Gonna try wearing heels!
OMG! Nope.. too tall! I might fall!
This is just nice.. look at the design.. 
The design will help you to correct your way of walking..
Nice~ Now is just for RM 45 ++
This tunic is just for RM 45++ in Malaysia now!!
Mum~Can we go shopping.. NO!
Haiz.. T T
But i really want this.. try something gentle during summer.

Another for FOREVER 21!
Love this..

 Pencil~ High waist skirt! Suits with every tops~
Slings~ Likey^^
But a bit expensive..for me lah..
This is adorable.. Just RM 15 in Ringgit Malaysia!
The shorts! I am looking high and low for it!
Now it is in Forever 21!
Cute!!! I am saving money to get it!




然而, 我也无法确定,
我们不适合当情侣, 只适合当朋友。
我们不适合当朋友, 只适合当假装认识的陌生人。

By.. Tabby 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


一个一见面就唱反调的朋友(男性)星期一晚上补完习骑motor, 结果听说很严重..
上了他facebook的profile page, 还看到他讲"在医院很闷", 肯定没事了啦..
不过他妹妹说他需动手术.. 祝福他早日康复.. 回来跟我继续吵~ 哈哈..

靓是因为..嘻嘻..秘密..好事赖滴~但不是我怀孕啦~pls lah~
差是因为.. 这, 一些朋友知道罢了~ 我不公开.. 不然很衰~ ..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Long time no BLOGGIE!!
Stress for my SEJ KERJA KURSUS!
But now it is over!!! ( Erm.. quite.. You haven't submit it!)

School holidays were over! That hurts so much cause I didnt even get the chance to spend my holidays wisely..
What I expected my holidays will be colourful and interesting with plenty of events to do.. but unfortunately.. both my parents have to work and I can only stay home.. BORED!!

I just get to go out once to watch KUNG FU PANDA 2~
LOL.. My life is like living in jail~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

♥ 好朋友, 就是这样!


大考前, 一起临时抱佛脚, 温书温到天亮♥

一起穿着公主裙, 一起冲进大海的拥抱里

一起静静地躺在大片的草地中, 享受阳光打在身上的温暖 ♥                 

趁父母不在家, 穿上PARTY装、化上艳妆, 一起去夜店混整晚♥


不穿靓装。一起随性打扮, 去探险♥

             没有情侣般的关系, 但常做情侣做的事..
             例如: 一起自拍、一起逛街..♥



一起耍可爱, 但可爱得幸福♥


一个心情不好, 但另一个愿意陪她、安慰她♥

一起骑车去学校。一路上还会批评对方, 指对方骑得太慢了..♥


共同爱好 ♥



好朋友今生只能遇一次, 错过了, 就没了。

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4th June 2011

I wanna watch [PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4: ON STRANGER TIDES]!!!!! 2 of my younger bros watched it already! That time is my exam week. My uncle brought them and my cousins for that movie and I was at home studying!!! I regret! People around me keep saying that "Pirates 4 is awesome!!!", "the mermaid in Pirates 4 is damn gorgeous but they eat ppl!".. I wanna watch! Wanted to see how beautiful are those mermaids cause even 'he' praised the mermaids' beauty that made me moody. [>_<]"

NO GO for Pirates 4 but a GO GO for [KUNG FU PANDA 2]!!!! At first, I think that watching this movie in my age is childish but after watching it, I AM IN LOVE WITH PO!!! It was really a awesome + funny movie which made me laugh all time long.. LOL~

In KF PANDA 2, Po found out his origin and how his mother got killed by a new villian named Lord Shen.  He is actually a peacook.. but evil! He create cannons in order to take down China.

Little Po when he first arrived in the noodle shop. Looks innocent to soft-hearted people like me^^ hehe

This is so CUTEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~

Mr. Ping( Po's adoptive father) feed Little Po with dumplings~

INNER PEACE is the unique skill in Kung Fu Panda 2. inner peace~~~~~~

After movie, I went for little shopping before going home. Bought 2 hair accessories, a grey sling bag and a mask. Try whether the mask is effective or not. Found satisfaction during the shop-shop.. Haha XD
But not quite satisfied because didnt have the chance to buy a high waist shorts [T_T] and also shoes. 
Haiz.. Next time lo..( when??) 

Ok, i'm done with movie trip. Long time no posting love articles. Hehe..

By.. Tabby

爱情宣言 (1)

牢牢抓紧你的心, 别让它轻易溜走。

By.. Tabby

Friday, June 3, 2011

Holidays in a word.. BORED!

Whenever it comes to holidays.. my life will turned to a blue spot.. Holiday Blue..
Dad's working.. Mum's working.. I'm not allowed to spend time with friends.. WTH!
I am really really really really bored until I dont know what to say or what to do..
I am so~ mildew!

The past few days, I just cant sign in my blog.. Damn frustrated!
[This account is not yet activated. We had send a verification email to your mailbox. Please check to reactiate your account.]
I hate this sentences.. Ish.. Makes me miserable..
Recently, I found out a website that teaches you the latest version and how to mix and match a fashion clothing..
Girls who love fashion.. check it out!

Next, I found out a miss popular on internet in Malaysia.. Her name is Jane..
In facebook.. Chukei Baby Jane..
She is gorgeous and fashion..
Lots of ppl are her followers on FB and also on her Blogger.. ^^
So lucky to be popular on internet...
Her little sister.. Asheley is also quite popular..
Both are still pretty even if they didn't put on their make up..

Finally for the day I am waiting for a long long time..
Mum finally decided to bring us for movie^^
OMG.. If I dont think about I plan to step out my house.. I am so desperate till suicide!!!!
Haha.. will update photo for tomorrow shopping events^^